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Dorit DR-N11S Low Speed 1:1 Straight Handpiece
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Dorit DR-N11S Low Speed 1:1 Straight Handpiece

Internal water channel
air and water channel separated

  • Φ2.33~2.35mm
  • 14,000~20,000rpm

Internal water/ Stainless steel materials/ ISO standard E-type connection



1. Water/air channel isolation. Still keep perfect performance in instable air pressure and water pressure situation.

2. Easy operation, Harm-free, Reduce pain during treatment

3. Perfect atomization and cooling uniformity, no droplet out from mouth in use .clean hygiene.

4. Integrate sterilization make it clean simple and convenient.

5. Made from 303 stainless steel (imported from Japan), Durable, Dirt free

Air pressure


Water pressure


Atomized air pressure


Rotation speed


Bur taking

Turn the sleeve to take burs (counterclockwise 100° )

Bur applicable







The chuck must be applicable bur corresponding to IOS 1797-2Norms

Water and chip air supply

When air pressure is at 200kPa,water flow rate is not less than 50ML/min and air flow rate not less than 1.5L/min

Connector of handpiece  

The structure, measurement and tolerance of back end of handpiece conform with YY1012 Norm.


Handpiece endure sterilization temperature at least 136℃ about 12 minutes once, for 250 times reuse without damage.

Temperature test

Under normal working conditions, the connected surface temperature rises less than 22℃ over ambient temperature.


There is no corrosion appearance after sterilization cycle.

Illumination electricity supply safety

Conforming with GB 9706.1-2007 Norm .

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