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Dorit high speed dental handpiece maintenance
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Dorit high speed dental handpiece maintenance

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Dorit high speed dental handpiece maintenance

1. Each time you use the handpiece, you must carefully check whether the equipment compatible, the work is normal, before use to check water pressure, air pressure is consistent with product requirements. Dorit high-speed mobile phone using the water pressure of 198Kpa (2kg), pressure of 277-316Kpa (2.8-3.2kgf / cm2).

2. The gas source and water source must be pure. If not, it is easy to make the dirt accumulate in the water outlet hole and the collet, affecting the quality of the handpiece and causing abnormal wear of the bearing to shorten the service life.oil hole.jpg

3. Please use the standard manufacturer's standard bur. The diameter of the bur should be between 1.59mm and 1.60mm, and the total length of the bur should not exceed 26mm (1.02 "). (The mini-head handpiece should use a short pin.) Bending, deforming, damaging, or not Clean bur.bur.png

4. The bur should be fully inserted into the cartridge to ensure its normal operation, otherwise it may lead to damage to the movement, or fly out accidental injury caused by personal.160标四-2.jpg

5. The use of every time more than 2 hours, please replace the other handpiece to use.

6. After each use or before disinfection, be sure to use a special handpiece cleaning lubricant, lubrication. Recommended brand handpiece lubricants. Filling holes is the second handpiece hole, once 2-3 drops of oil, then use three-way syringe blowing at the blowhole, in order to better lubricate the bearings.注油机.jpg

Note that before each disinfection remember priority oiling. then disinfection must be dried, so as not to rust the phone.

7. After a long time of use of handpiece, if there are vibration, noise, speed at the end, weakness or pinch is not strong and so on, please replace the same brand cartridge, Dorit cartridge warranty period of 6 months, the proposed expiration of timely replace.

8. Handpiece problems recommended the professional maintenance people, unprofessional repair, replacement, may result in loose, unstable, shortened handpiece life, and even lead to medical malpractice.


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