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Dorit low speed dental handpiece maintenance
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Dorit low speed dental handpiece maintenance

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Dorit low speed dental handpiece maintenance

Common problem for the contra angle:

External, Inner channel Low speed handpiece




1.Jam not spin at all

Rust in the cartridge, gear or bearing

Replace the cartridge

Rust in the transmission shaft

Replace the transmission shaft

Gearsdrop out, lose the tooth and jam

Replace the broken parts

Damage caused by the crash

Use the professional tool to fix

2.Cartridge vibrate and bounce arround

Bearing damage

Replace the bearing

The hole in the mandrel is damage

Replace the cartridge

3.Black oil leaking from the shaft

Something inside the cartridge and haven’t been cleaned for a long time

Clean & lubricate

4.Bur can not be loaded

Rust inside the cartridge or foreigh matter

Replace the cartridge

5.Not enough force to hold the bur

Key type: looking plate is broken

Replace the looking plate

Push button type: holding shaft is broken

Replace the shaft

The bur is not standard

Change to the standard bur

6.Not able to take out the bur

Rust inside the cartridge

Replace the cartridge

Something inside the shaft

Clean it up

Shaft is broken

Replace the cartridge

Press button is damage

Replace the press button cap


The cover can not screw into the contra angle

Burr inside the screw thread

Erase the burr

The cover is damage

Replace a new conver

Vibration inside the body

Bearing is damage

Replace the bearing

Can’t fit into the motor or difficult to connect the motor

Shift fork is damage

Replace the shift fork

Fall apart



Gear is damage or worn(check the cartridge, transimission shaft and the gear on the shift fork)

Replace the damaged gear and parts

Apart from the item(1) when checking the reduction handpiece the parts inside the gear box need to be checked

No water spray out

Make sure there is water coming out from the motor before checking the contra angle. Something stuck in the spray hole

Use the needle to clean the hole

Water leaking from the contra angle

Make sure the water is not leaking from the motor before check the contra angle cover is leaking

Change the cover

The sealing ring is worn

Replace the sealing ring

The front of the handle is leaking

Replace the handle

The head is loose

The screw on the handle is loose

Screw the screw tightly(replace the screw if it is broken)

Transmission shaft is loose

Detach the head and check: the screw that connect the head and shaft is loose

Screw the tightly(replace the screw if it is broken)



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