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Why wear a dental crown after root canal treatment?
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Why wear a dental crown after root canal treatment?

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Why wear a dental crown after root canal treatment?

        Root canal treatment, also known as "nerve killing", uses professional equipment to open the diseased teeth, remove the inflamed and necrotic pulp tissue from the teeth with various instruments, and remove the pulp cavity (including the pulp cavity wall). ) Disinfect, clean up, and finally seal the pulp cavity with teether and other materials.

       Root canal therapy has a wide range of applications, including pulpitis, dental pulp necrosis, and various types of periapical periodontitis are suitable for root canal treatment, including pulpitis caused by dental caries, cracks, excessive wear, and piercing , And dental pulp necrosis can not keep the living pulp.

       However, the teeth that kill the nerves are actually very fragile. This is mainly because:

       1, using materials alone can no longer restore functionality

       Because the teeth that need root canal treatment are generally large tooth decay, although the root canal treatment is completed at this time, the remaining dental tissue is very fragile, easily broken, cracked, and loses its normal function. There is no way to restore functionality.

       2.Insufficient strength to support chewing after treatment

       Root canal treatment is the operation of drugs and instruments to remove residues and bacteria from the root canal as much as possible. However, if such a sterilization process is to be carried out seriously, many teeth infected with bacteria and dental tissues that have to be corrected must be removed. Therefore, once most teeth are treated with root canals, there is not enough hard tissue to support the strength of chewing and fracture occurs.

      3. Loss of nutritional supply from the pulp

      After root canal treatment, the tooth loses the nutritional supply from the pulp, which is as brittle as a dead tree and easy to split.


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