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  • Why wear a dental crown after root canal treatment?


    Root canal treatment, also known as "nerve killing", uses professional equipment to open the diseased teeth, remove the inflamed and necrotic pulp tissue from the teeth with various instruments, and remove the pulp cavity (including the pulp cavity wall). ) Disinfect, clean up, and finally s Read More

  • How long does it take for dental implants to heal


    Generally, healing can be achieved after a few days of tooth extraction, and it takes slightly longer to recover wisdom teeth.Some patients may feel pain and swelling within two or three days after dental implant surgery, and basically return to normal after a few days. Read More

  • Dorit attend 38-th MIDF Dental-EXPO In Moscow


    38-th Moscow International Dental Forum & Exhibition DENTAL SALON held in International Exhibition Center "CROCUS EXPO" on Sep. 29th-Oct. 01st, 2015. There were more than 500 companies and more than 30,000 visitors attended the exhibition, including dental traders, dental services, dental students, Read More

  • A review of the development of dental equipment


    From the beginning of the bow type drill used in seventeenth Century, to the spring type "in eighteenth Century Semir's" dental drill, nineteenth Century mid pedal dental drill out, middle has experienced a history of more than 300 years. Early lifting, dental chair steering is mechanical, the opera Read More

  • Perfect ending of AEEDC 2016 International Dental Exhibition


    Henan Dorit Bio-technology Co.,Ltd successfully attented the AEEDC Dubai International Dental Conference&Exhibition which was perfectly held from 2ed to 4th Feb,2016.Dorit company mainly showed ultrasonic scaler&dental handpiece series. Read More


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